Transitional Fixtures



Transitional Fixtures is a series of collaborative objects that reference the improvisational, joke filled culture of making found in a machine shop and the excess of materials that pile up everywhere.  There, work holding devices known as fixtures are quickly made to help position things properly and make production easier.  Often times when making these fixtures, in the heat of the moment, silly decisions are made and when you look back on them and wonder what you were thinking.      

In the artworks, fruit holding devices are made to stimulate artistic interaction.  Intricate stainless steel off-cuts are saved from the scrap yard and get re-imagined as a ritual objects that move the viewer towards active creative participation.  The metal is mounted to the wall and the participant adorns it with their weekly fruit groceries, informally decorating, deconstructing, and replenishing the artwork, and activating it by incorporating it into their daily life.