FOOSE Designs

curated by Fiona Sergeant

March 2015, Lil Gallery Baltimore Maryland


FOOSE Designs was brought about in a culture of custom hardware and aftermarket modification.  Born in a motorsports machine shop, the series acknowledges the fast paced nature of production, excess of materials in manufacturing and the caffeinated shop humor that keeps people going throughout their work day.  It is about active participation in the material world from a maker’s standpoint and finding pleasure in experiencing whats around us.  Many of the works are readymade to express an appreciation for things that already exist.  

Humans learn about the world around them through sensory experience— indigenous cultures have taught their children about their surroundings from the inside out.  Where are the organs in the animals they kill? What plants are dangerous to eat? Which type of rock is the most dense and suitable for tool making? All of these were learned through trial and error.  There is innate joy in experiencing objects.  FOOSE Designs seeks to explore this.