False Masterpieces



Authenticity is questioned and historical objects are poorly replicated in this series of museum fakes.  Quickly made, famous artworks are draped with thin, ‘in progress’ plastic or in some other state of unfinished-ness.  Their painted wood, cardboard, kinkos printed images, staples and tape are obscured, causing the viewer to do a double take when they first see the artwork.

Replicating these works of art democratizes the materiality of these historic artworks by acknowledging that anyone can have one if they find the art online in a public database, print it out at the local Kinkos and create a good-enough frame to surround the image.  What makes something real? Does believing something is real make it real?        

In 2016 I started working as a contracted art handler in Washington DC museums.  Seeing works of art behind the scenes and using them to construct an installation like contractors use two by fours is strange.  Something you learned about in school text books is suddenly sitting in front of you on a shipping blanket.  Authentic works of art are used as the sculptural material in this job.  Ive always wanted to bring one home.